Graffiti Tag Creator - Custom Wallpapers/Backgrounds, Lock Screen & Home Screens App Reviews

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pal mal pas mal

franchement pas mal cette appl a recommander

Refund Please!

I totally disagree with you stealing images from an app that I paid for! How shady is that? Shame on you guys. That HAS to be against the Apple terms of service! Deleting this piece of junk app immediately!

Could be really awesome

This could be a amazing app... But with the limited downloads from the sites they actually allow u do download from, They could have better fonts... A draw your own addition feature and I cant say it enough... Stickers and cool pics would be nice too so there isnt non stop hunting and opening one app after another... Common guys... Its like you are offering the IDEA of a awesome app then just got lazy and nearly make this pointless. It could have potential.


omg i just got thos and it is completely amazingg! you can make it how u want and the backrounds are great! soo worth the money! :)

okay app

should be free. and you should be able to choose your OWN backround. other then that, its a good app.


This app is by far the best and easiest grafiti app ever!! U can do over a hundred combinations and all look good!!! Amazing app

Sadly I can not agree with everyone here. I think this app shouldve been free cuz it was sooooooo not worth it. Why dont u have an option for simple black spray paint? If u could add that option with a transparent background Id give it five stars but for now its just 1 cuz they wont let me leave it blank

Woah ❕

This app is pretty good. I have had this app for a long time and has always worked and never crashed. Its worth the money!!! Its pretty simple. Its worth the money but should be free

Love it

Been looking for a name maker/wallpaper. Please update often

What the??

Does the text always stays right in the middle of the picture?? Is there anyway i can drag it and place it wherever i want it?? BOOOOO!!! 


OMG u soo copied an other app called spray paint which is FREE but has the same but better dis this app and

Love it

The best app ever!!!!

I really like it.

Its cool, fun, and entertaining. Two thumbs up!!!


So amazing i have been looking for something like this forever

Missing :(

Its a great apps , but sometime missing when I was on the middle of it :( .., need an update


This app is beast mode


This is da best app ever! Its a BOSS app!

Cool app

Best graffiti app ever


Very nice


This is the best app ever

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