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Graffiti Tag Creator - Custom Wallpapers/Backgrounds, Lock Screen & Home Screens app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3072 ratings )
Utilities Entertainment
Developer: AppVision Ltd
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.0.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 29 Jul 2009
App size: 27.47 Mb

Graffiti: What Will Yours Say?

Create Graffiti-style personalised home and lock screen background / wallpaper (or Contacts graphic), without the need for any graphics editing.

• Place your own text on top of the backdrop (your name, your number, a contacts name if using for a contact graphic, or indeed anything else you can think of!)

• 200 built in wallpapers and hundreds more dynamically updated in the Categories pull-down (or use your own photos and images from your Photo Library)

• 40+ fonts, 20 font colours, and 20 Graffiti effects, there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations you could create.

Preview the result, and if youre satisfied, save it to your Photo Library and then set it as your wallpaper (or alternatively use it as a Contact graphic so you see it when that contact calls you). You can also share your image via email, Facebook & Twitter.

Graffiti requires an active internet connection, either EDGE/Wireless/3G for iPhone, or Wireless for iPod touch. Internet connectivity is required as the custom images are generated server-side, and the amount of high-res images available to choose from would not be possible in a standalone App.

Pros and cons of Graffiti Tag Creator - Custom Wallpapers/Backgrounds, Lock Screen & Home Screens app for iPhone and iPad

Graffiti Tag Creator - Custom Wallpapers/Backgrounds, Lock Screen & Home Screens app good for

omg i just got thos and it is completely amazingg! you can make it how u want and the backrounds are great! soo worth the money! :)
This app is by far the best and easiest grafiti app ever!! U can do over a hundred combinations and all look good!!! Amazing app
This app is pretty good. I have had this app for a long time and has always worked and never crashed. Its worth the money!!! Its pretty simple. Its worth the money but should be free
So amazing i have been looking for something like this forever
The app is great, just wish I had and editing tool to resize the logo. Hope the next update will integrate this.
This is the best app ever its is so fun to use cause you do your own wallpapers its so AWESOME!!!!!!

Some bad moments

I totally disagree with you stealing images from an app that I paid for! How shady is that? Shame on you guys. That HAS to be against the Apple terms of service! Deleting this piece of junk app immediately!
Sadly I can not agree with everyone here. I think this app shouldve been free cuz it was sooooooo not worth it. Why dont u have an option for simple black spray paint? If u could add that option with a transparent background Id give it five stars but for now its just 1 cuz they wont let me leave it blank
Does the text always stays right in the middle of the picture?? Is there anyway i can drag it and place it wherever i want it?? BOOOOO!!! 
OMG u soo copied an other app called spray paint which is FREE but has the same but better dis this app and
Theres a BUG on this app. Sometime when I press a letter (ex: "O" it shows up as an "N") it shows the wrong letter and it gets really annoying.
Couldnt even get on tag done after half an hour of trying. Kept "timing out" and wouldnt complete the "tag". Great concept, poor execution. Please try again, but do better.